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The Sin of Gehazi
2 Kings 5

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During my youth, my mother admonished my sister and me concerning covetousness. She instructed us to desire our own rather than someone else’s. She taught, saying, "A half a loaf of bread of your own is better than a whole loaf that belongs to someone else." That was great counsel!

The story of Gehazi is an illustration of covetousness. The result of what transpired is a warning to all of us. Gehazi, whose name means valley of vision, was a student and servant of the prophet Elisha. Just like Lot was mentored by Abraham, Gehazi, was being mentored by Elisha, a man of character. Although he walked with Elisha and was taught by him, he did not possess the same spirit.

Gehazi was guilty of the sin of covetousness which is one of the “Thou shall not’s” of the Ten Commandments. To covet means to have a great desire for something that belongs to someone else. It's a sin closely related to envy and lustfulness and can be easily hidden from others, at least for awhile.

In 2 Kings 5 Naaman, a commander in the Syrian Army was healed of leprosy by the prophet Elisha. Naaman wanted to show his gratitude to Elisha for his healing by offering him gifts. Elisha refused to take anything from him, for the healing emanated from God.

Gehazi was not pleased with Elisha's decision to refuse gifts; so he ran after Naaman. He lied to him, saying that Elisha had sent him to receive silver and clothing for new prophetic students. Naaman was happy to give him anything he desired.

Gehazi must have forgotten that Elisha was a true prophet of God, or he wouldn't have thought that he could get away with the deception. I'm often amazed by some who profess to fear God, but whose actions prove that they do not fear Him at all.
When Gehazi returned, Elisha asked where he had been.

Again, Gehazi lied and said he had not left the house. Elisha didn't waste time confronting his lies and deception. There are some things in life and ministry that we need to confront immediately before they can affect and contaminate others.

Sometimes God will allow us to see in the spirit exactly what's going on. Elisha was able to see Gehazi’s every move in the spirit. God would not allow a dishonest, disobedient, lying man to deceive His servant without consequences. Because of his disobedience and deception, Gehazi was cursed with Naaman’s leprosy.

Sisters and brothers, what are you coveting? Learn to be content with what God has given you or ask Him for more. Be faithful, honest servants who do what's right, even when the situation seems unfair. Do not be guilty of Gehazi’s sin!

Elder Shirley Freeman
Daughters of Zion Women's Ministries

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