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Is There a Word from the Lord?
2 Chronicles 18

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The Apostle Paul tells us in 2 Timothy 4 that a time is coming when many will not follow sound doctrine but will get for themselves teachers who will tell them what their itching ears want to hear. Sisters and brothers, we are living in that day.

People of God don’t be deceived! There are many self-proclaimed prophets who are leading God’s people astray. Since many desire greatness and wealth for themselves, the prophets tell them what they want to hear. The role of a true prophet is to speak the very words of God not to make one feel good.

The story of two kings, Jehoshaphat, king of Judah and Ahab, king of Israel, recorded in 2 Chronicles 18, illustrates this point: Jehoshaphat was a good king and did what was pleasing in God’s sight, but Ahab was wicked and did evil in the sight of God. Ahab married a woman named Jezebel whose name is synonymous with evil. Jezebel, a Phoenician and an idolater, who worshipped Baal and hated God and His prophets. According to legend, Jehoshaphat aligned himself with Ahab by allowing his son Jehoram to marry their wicked daughter, Athaliah. Although the practice of linking kingdoms together through marriage was common in those days, Jehoshaphat should have known better than to align himself with an enemy of God.

On one occasion, Jehoshaphat visited Ahab in Samaria. Ahab wined and dined Jehoshaphat before revealing his true motive, which was to have Jehoshaphat join him in going to war against the Syrians in Ramoth- Gilead. Jehoshaphat agreed to go with Ahab without hesitation, but then said that they should inquire of the Lord. Ahab called four hundred of his prophets who together prophesied that they should go to Ramoth-Gilead and that they would be prosperous. However, Jehoshaphat realized that these were not prophets of the Most High God. He asked if there was a prophet of God of whom they could inquire. Ahab replied, “There is a prophet of God whom we can inquire, but I hate him because he does not prophesy anything good about me, only evil, and his name is Micaiah.”

After toying with Ahab, Micaiah unlike the four hundred other prophets who prophesied success, he prophesied disaster, prophesying Ahab’s death and defeat. He told Ahab that God allowed a lying/deceiving spirit to enter into the mouths of the four hundred prophets to bring disaster on him. For this Micaiah was beaten and thrown into prison. During the battle, Jehoshaphat was mistaken for the king of Israel and would have been killed, but the Lord saved him. However, Ahab, king of Israel, was struck between the breastplate and died later that day just as Micaiah prophesied.

People of God, please be careful whom you allow to speak into your life and with whom you align yourself. Whenever a situation arises and you need an answer, always pray while asking “Is there a word from the Lord?”

Elder Shirley Freeman
Daughters of Zion Women’s Ministries

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