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The Love of God
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There is a story recorded in the Old Testament book of Hosea that illustrates God's great love for His people so beautifully. Hosea, a prophet, is told by God to marry a woman named Gomer, a harlot. Hosea not only marries her as God instructed, but he loved her also. He thought that she would reciprocate his love and would be a faithful wife if he treated her well and provided for her.

However, Gomer went back to her former way of living. She was not satisfied with being Hosea’s wife. She went out and searched for pleasure outside of their covenant relationship. Some commentators believe that Hosea was not the father of all of her children, but he cared for them as though they were. One day, Gomer was sold into slavery. Even though she was an unfaithful wife, God instructed Hosea to go and purchase her freedom.

God allowed this humble and gentle prophet to marry a woman like Gomer to demonstrate His loving relationship with His chosen people. They, too, were in a covenant relationship with Him. Like a good husband, He provided for them. He loved them in spite of their tendency to stray away and run after other gods. They committed spiritual adultery and were enslaved on a number of occasions. Despite their disobedience, God never stopped loving them. He was always willing to forgive and rescue them. What an AWESOME, LOVING and FAITHFUL God we serve!

We, who have come to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, are God's chosen people. Although sometimes we've gone astray and run after other gods, He still loves us and is always willing to take us back. He also provides and fights for those that are His. Since He has our best interest at heart, He loves us enough to discipline us. We, the church, are referred to as the Bride of Christ. We couldn't have a more faithful and loving Husband. Let's live as though we are grateful for everything He has done and is still doing. Remember, God is Faithful, even when we are unfaithful! Doesn't He deserve our faithfulness, loyalty and commitment?

There is nothing you can do that will stop God from loving you. The love of God for His people is recorded throughout the New Testament. John 3:16 is a familiar passage that is quoted often, but Romans 5:8 says it well, "But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." There is no greater love than the love of God!

Happy Resurrection from the Daughters of Zion Women's Ministries!

Elder Shirley Freeman

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