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A Tale of Two Sisters
Genesis 29

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There is no worse feeling than loving someone who doesn’t love you back. Such is the story of Leah and Jacob. Leah is not to be pitied though. God has a way of turning things around. One can be overlooked and hated one day, but elevated and celebrated the next. This is the account of Leah and Rachel, the tale of two sisters!

The story begins when Jacob leaves home because of the threat made by his brother Esau. Jacob deceived his father and received the blessing that should have gone to Esau as the eldest. Jacob was coached by his mother Rebekah and told to go live with her brother Laban. Upon arrival Jacob meets a young woman who he discovers is the daughter of Laban, his uncle. He introduces himself and is taken to meet his Uncle Laban.

The Bible tells us that Laban had two daughters. The eldest was named Leah and the youngest Rachel. Leah is described as having weak or tender eyes. Some have suggested that perhaps her eyes were crossed or without sparkle. On the contrary, Rachel is described as being well-built and beautiful. Jacob fell in love with Rachel! He offered to work seven years to marry her. The Bible says the seven years seemed like a few days to him because of his great love for her.

Unfortunately, Jacob was tricked on his wedding night. He thought he was marrying Rachel but soon discovered that he had married the tender-eyed Leah. There would be no honeymoon! Jacob’s only thought was to make Rachel his bride; so he agreed to work seven additional years for her.

The scripture tells us when God saw that Leah was not loved, but hated, He opened up her womb. Rachel had been barren. That may not seem like a big deal in today’s society, but for a Jewish woman to be barren was seen as a curse from God. Rachel was envious of her sister Leah and said to Jacob, “Give me a child, lest I die.” The sisters were constantly competing for their husband’s love and attention. After Leah conceived six sons and a daughter, God remembered Rachel.

Rachel had two sons for Jacob, Joseph and Benjamin. Sadly, Jacob’s beloved Rachel died giving birth to their last son. Although Leah was not Jacob’s favorite wife, she proved to be loyal and faithful throughout their marriage. Sometimes others won’t see or appreciate your value until they suffer a loss.

The tale of the two sisters, Leah and Rachel can be viewed in many ways. I choose to see it as God’s desire to bless one that had been mistreated and undervalued. He elevated Leah to the same status as Sarah and Rebekah. It was through the tribe of Leah’s son Judah that Jesus was born. She was buried in the same cave as Abraham/Sarah, Isaac/Rebekah and later Jacob/Leah.

Both sisters were beautiful in their own way. Rachel had outward beauty, but Leah possessed a godly spirit, and inward beauty that is oftentimes overlooked.

As we look forward to celebrating Mother’s Day I would like to remind everyone of the scripture found in Proverbs 31:30, “Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.”

Happy Mother’s Day!
Elder Shirley Freeman
Daughters of Zion Women’s Ministries

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