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Serving our Father God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in Holy Spirit filled ministry since 1997!

May 2022

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A Mother’s Day Confession

My mother and I shared more than a mother and daughter relationship. We had a strong spiritual connection. I cherish that spirit. It’s that spirit that made me revere her as a child, defy her as a teenager, seek her love and guidance as an adult, and miss her now that she is gone.

Proverbs 31, speaks of a virtuous woman, whose worth is greater than rubies. She works hard for her family and shares what she has with her neighbors. She has strength and honor, and she speaks with wisdom and kindness. A gentle strength – that’s how I think of my mother. I learned from her that true strength does not need to be loud, and does not need to push or pull. Strength can be quiet and calm. Gentle strength comes from the peace that passes all understanding, guarding your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6

Mother was always praying. She was a faithful prayer warrior. Mother made a decision that she would live a life that honored God, and she was determined to be an example to her family. I remember one Sunday we were walking to church, and a neighbor’s dog jumped the fence and came running towards us. What got our attention as kids, was my mother’s loud scream, “LORD JESUS!!!” We all stopped dead in our tracks, including the dog. She then looked at us and gently said, “Hurry up children, we don’t want to be late for Sunday School.” Mother loved to call on the name of Jesus. She was always on her knees praying. As a child I would listen to her pray, so I could hear her call my name to God.

God used my mother to teach me the Power of Prayer and the importance of having unwavering Faith. Like Ruth in Ruth 1:16, I said, “Mother, ‘[i]ntreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go. . . .‘” I have always had this innate need to be near my mother. I went on to say, “thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God,” but my mother knew me well. She told me that I couldn’t say that I loved her, if I didn’t love my brothers and sisters too.

She was always teaching and correcting, even when I wanted her to stop. For 54 years 5 months and 21 days she embraced me with her gentle strength. I was guided by the prayers of a warrior, and I learned to have faith from the lessons of her life experiences.

The singer songwriter, Sinach, said it well, Jesus is a “way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper light in the darkness.” That is my Mother’s God, who is the God I serve. So, I will honor Mother by holding on to my faith.

Faith that is invincible.
Faith that reaches the unreachable.
Faith that makes everything possible.
Faith that was my mothers.
Faith that is mine.

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Carmen Rutherford is a child of the Most High God. She has been a member of New Providence Baptist Church for 30 years. The Daughters of Zion Women’s Ministries has played a pivotal role in her spiritual growth for approximately 15 years. However, she continues to give honor to her mother, Carmel Rutherford, who was her first mentor. Though 94-years-old, the Lord still used her to teach and guide Carmen.