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Serving our Father God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in Holy Spirit filled ministry since 1997!

January 2019

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Goodness and Mercy
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life (Psalms 23:6a)

There are times in life when it is not apparent that goodness and mercy are following us. We don’t tend to see the best things following us while enduring affliction, persecution, mockery, rejection, false accusations or oppression. We may only focus on bad memories, mistakes, sickness, pain, or the poverty that we face. These things can blind us from seeing the truth about goodness and mercy.

David declared that goodness and mercy would follow him all the days of his life. This remarkable statement came from a man whose life was full of pain. David’s family rejected him and considered him irrelevant. Samuel sent word inviting David’s father, Jesse, and his family to join in giving sacrifices unto the Lord. Everyone in the family attended except David.

In biblical times it was customary for the entire family to gather together when the Prophet of God called for a sacrificial feast. But David was not only not present, his father never even acknowledged that he existed. Samuel didn’t know about David, until the Spirit of the Lord prompted him to ask Jesse, “Are all your sons here?” Jesse could not lie to the man of God. Because he knew that Samuel was now aware of his missing son, Jesse acknowledged at David existed and told his whereabouts. Sadly, Jesse still refused to mention David’s name. It was oblivious that there was some tension in the relationship between David and his family. Many speculate about why this might have been, but no one knows for sure.

David wrestled throughout his life with rejection, depression and oppression. He dealt with betrayal and being chased by a crazed King Saul. Saul was rejected by God due disobedience, and he despised David to the point where he hunted him down to kill him. God had chosen David as Israel’s next King. So, Saul relentlessly pursued David, until Saul killed himself on his sword. Despite all his troubles, David still declared “goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.” David was intimately acquainted with God’s loving heart and character, because he had seen it time after time.

Sometimes we find ourselves dealing with overwhelming disappointment, sickness and family conflict. We battle through rejection feeling abandoned and betrayed. We carry failure, sin, insecurity, doubt, unbelief, and all forms of injustice, which sometimes make us want to retreat. But when the enemy of our soul is continually attacking, we have to intentionally focus on the best and kind things that are operating in our lives. During times of adversity remember, God’s loving heart and character. Move from discouragement and encourage yourself in the Lord. Expect miracles and victories. Remember that God’s goodness and mercy sustains us through trials.

Scripture References: I Samuel 16:1-11, I Samuel 16:1 I Samuel 22:1, I Samuel 19,
I Samuel 20:24

Minister Kasiaa Thomas

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Minister Kasiaa Thomas is a born-again believer and native of San Francisco. In October of 2005, she was licensed to preach by Pastor Steven A. Bailey, of the Olivet Missionary Baptist Church in San Francisco. She served faithfully for years under his leadership as an Associate Minister, Junior Women's President and Prayer Ministry Leader. Kasiaa is a licensed prophetical minister, teacher, singer, writer, entrepreneur, and licensed Insurance Agent. She works for United Insurance Company of America in Richmond, California.

In 2013, Minister Thomas graduated from Patten University with an Associate’s Degree. She is currently a member of the New Birth Cathedral in Oakland, under the leadership of Bishop Christopher Carl Smith. One of her favorite scriptures is 2 Timothy 2:15. She believes in teaching and preaching the Word of God with accuracy. Her greatest joy is seeing people restored to life through the gospel of Christ.